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A Select has two input terminals, t and b, and three output terminals q0, q1 and a. It has two 'modes' of operation: in mode '0' it responds to input on t by output on q0. In mode '1' it responds to input on t by output on q1. The Select switches between modes when recieving input on b, that it acknowledges by output on a.


Schematic diagram for a Select:


Specification in XDI model.


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DI Algebra

Specification in DI Algebra:

NAME = "DI Select"
I = { t?, b? }
O = { a!, q0!, q1! }
S0 = [ t? -> q0!; S0
     , b? -> a! ; S1
S1 = [ t? -> q1!; S1
     , b? -> a! ; S0

Also available through this link

This verification report compares the DI Algebra specification with the XDI specification.


XDI Report.


DI Decompositions

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Using Boolean Gates

  1. A Select can be implemented by taking a Speed-independent Select and returning the a as feedback of the b:


    The Speed-independent Select can itself be constructed from two Wait-ons (the speed-independent building block) and two XOR's:


Using Transistors

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