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Encyclopedia of Delay-Insensitive Systems (EDIS)


Currently, there is no special search engine for EDIS, though we are contemplating one (suggestions are welcome).

Of course, the alphabetic index can help locate material. Your browser's ``Find'' command may come in handy here.

There is also a distributed cross reference generated by SWAN. The cross reference facilitates traversing internal hyperlinks in the reverse direction. For each document `file.html' there is a cross reference named `.file.html', that is, with a period (`.') prefixed to the file name.

For instance, the cross reference for the Bibliography gives you easy access to all documents that refer to a particular work. Because the cross reference is primarily intended as maintenance aid, we have not (yet?) included explicit hyperlinks from each document to its cross reference.

Tip: With a Web browser like Netscape one can

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Encyclopedia of Delay-Insensitive Systems
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